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The problam of primer design is not yat biologically/chemically resolved.
The amount of work done on the factors effecting the quality of primers is
suprisingly low. As a result, there are lots of thumb rules, which are
reflected in lots of programs. They mostly differ in the interace, and in
the relative imporance they give each measure. Some commercial or more
serious sharewares look for unique properties. My experiance is that
whatever primer pair you choose, you never get all the programs to agree
its a good pair (I'm working with GCG's prime, Rychlick's Oligo 4.0, and

  Confused? So am I.

    Eitan Rubin.

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> Does anyone know of good programs to create PCR primers that use strong
> algorithams?  What are the features of the programs and where can I find them?
> Thanks!
> --David
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