Ecosystem Modelling

DruMcD drumcd at
Tue Jul 23 14:38:21 EST 1996

     I am an undergraduate at the University of South Alabama studying
Ecology and would like to know if anybody out there knows of any software
available that allows for construction and modification of ecosystem
models similar to the ones in Odom and Byers' "Ecological Microcosms"?
     The minimum system requirements would be any IBM pc.  The program
(hopefully) should be able to graph all population/resource levels, modify
the constants for inflow, output, etc, and allow for quadratic
interactions, competitive populations, varied energy inputs (square vs
sine wave sunlight), etc.   
     Individual models are easily rendered in basic or any spreadsheet,
yet a program that could create, save and modify lots of models would be a
wonderful tool!!

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