Windows NT/TCPIP advice needed

yslim at yslim at
Wed Jul 24 01:17:15 EST 1996

Require some urgent advice.

I have got a Windows NT server with 2 network cards. one is 10baseT and the other is 100baseT.
Thus 2 segment of computers node. Also have a router that connect to a 64K lease line to the Internet.
Router is  on the 10baseT segment. The 10baseT computer segment can access the WWW.
However, the 100baseT computer segment  just cannot access the Internet.

Understand that Windows NT requires IP routing. Have set the IP routing,
However still cannot work.

eg router address -
     10baseT card on server -
     100baseT card on server -

All computers on 10baseT segement have IP addres of 203.120.100.xx
"                          100baseT     "                                     203.120.101.xx.

Tried using NT 3.51 route command with different subnet mask.

Would appreciate urgent advice. Please email to yslim at


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