Seeking Images for Image/Grpahics Calendar

paul oman p.oman at
Thu Jul 25 06:57:16 EST 1996

>SDI is seeking your finest CGM+ file to illustrate its 1997 calendar. 
>Submit your best CGM+ file and be one of twelve to highlight a month
on our new calendars.
>The person or company submitting one of the twelve selected graphics
>will receive five free calendars with additional calendars available
>upon request. If selected, you may remain anonymous or chose to have
>your name and company included on the calendar page.
>Any plotter-ready CGM+ file is eligible. SDI will provide demo copies
>of its popular SDI_Montage software to anyone wishing to take
advantage of integrating several different objects into a single CGM+
plotter file.
>Any individual or company is welcome to enter as many image files as
>they like.  Please include a text description of each file and
identify the software used to generate the image. If your graphic is
selected, you will be notified and written permission to publish will
be requested prior to calendar finalization.  All entries must be
>submitted before Sept. 15, 1996.  For additional information, contact
>SDI at the address below or at sales at on the internet.
>Visit our web page at:
>System Development, Inc. (SDI) provides a wide range of interactive
and hard copy graphics software for both UNIX and DOS environments.
>Products include CGM, CGM+, and CGM*PIP application development
>libraries, X-Windows/Motif Previewing and Montaging software; graphics
>format translators with complete Local or Network Plot Servers. SDI's
>Network Plot Servers provide batch or interactive Plot submission and
>Queue management, direct or spooled output to both desktop and large
>format plotting devices including inkjet, thermal, laser, and
>electrostatic plotters.
>10500 Westoffice Drive #100
>Houston, Texas 77042
>sales at

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