Annotating sequence for publication

Geoff Barton gjb at
Fri Jul 26 06:14:18 EST 1996

James D. Tisdall wrote:
> What software are you using for the purpose of creating figures that
> display sequence with annotation, such as text and highlighting?
> What I would find most useful would be Mac or Unix-based software that
> outputs graphics in a few of the most popular formats, e.g.
> encapsulated color postscript.  But any solution you use would be
> of interest.

You could try ALSCRIPT.  This takes an alignment and produces
PostScript.  It is pretty flexible, but takes a little learning.
see for download instructions.
see for the
on-line manual.  See for an
on-line  preprint of the paper published in Prot. Eng. in 1993.

You may also like to try the AMAS server on the WWW.  AMAS allows a 
multiple alignment to be analysed for "interesting" conservation 
patterns - one output is a PostScript file that boxes and shades the



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