Contig Drawing program?

Hugues Roest Crollius roest at
Mon Jul 29 08:45:54 EST 1996

Alastair R W Kerr wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a program (preferably for a dec alpha, but a mac or pc
> versions would suffice) which would give a graphical represenation of
> features given their start and stop positions within a contig.  (I've tried
> basic plotting programs, but cannot get sufficiant clarity).
> I'd appreciate any information that anyone could provide.
> Thanks
>  - Alastair


Hi Alastair,

You should probably try the acedb software. See newsgroup and the web documentation server

from a simple text file containing the beginning and end of your objects
(e.g. clones), it will draw it on a map. However the main purpose of
acedb is first to be a database for your biological data. It is compiled
by the authors (J. Thierry-Mieg and R. Durbin) for Dec alpha and many
other platforms)

Good luck.


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