Jackie E. Kylander jek at med.unc.edu
Wed Jul 31 06:36:53 EST 1996

In article <4tmqnl$36i at dfw-ixnews9.ix.netcom.com>,
jimmau at ix.netcom.com(Jim Mau) wrote:

>     No Joke!
>     The word 'wazzu' is beginning to show up in the text of our ms word
> documents.  Have you had any experience with this?  Is this the result
> of a macro virus?  What???
>     This is no joke and a serious response would be most welcomed (esp.
> from ms).
>     :-c
Yup! you're infected. I use Virex to scan any disks inserted and scan at
download off the 'net. If you have a Mac there is Disinfectant (freeware)
and SAM (from Symantec) as well. Good luck.

Jackie E. Kylander <jek at med.unc.edu>, Mac Nanny

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