PC SequenceAnalysis Software wanted

Greg Fransen franz at winternet.com
Wed Jul 31 18:16:19 EST 1996

Don Gilbert wrote:
> In article <4tlvfa$7g8 at celebrian.otago.ac.nz>,
> Nick C.K. Heng <hengnck at sanger.otago.ac.nz> wrote:
> ...
> >I'm still unable to get your Windows version to work stably. It crashes
> >with most commands and I can't exit without using Ctrl-Alt-Delete to
> >shut down the SeqPup task.
> Unfortunately I lack the time and resources to solve all such
> problems.  I try, but cannot provide the help that a one expects
> from a commercial or a funded software package.
> A number of people have reported that the Win3 and the
> WIn95/Nt versions of seqpup 0.6 are reliable enough to use.  To have
> a clue to where problems arise on specific computers, I need
> details such as which computer model, how much memory is installed,
> what version of the operating system is installed, etc.
> Even with such info, I may be only able to suggest you try it on other
> computers, and if it works on one but not another, compare the two
> to see how they may differ in such things as system extensions, OS version,
> etc.  With today's complex computers & software, even commercial
> software runs into problems on various systems, for reasons that are
> difficult to determine.
> In cases where you find many problems using seqpup, and I haven't any
> good solutions to suggest, you are likely better off looking for
> another software product.   I wish I could provide a product that
> ran well on all computers -- maybe that will happen in a year or two.
> -- Don
> --
> -- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

I also have not had much success with running either the Windows 3.1 version (on WFW 3.11) or the 32 
bit version (WinNT 3.51).  Are the ports for other platforms more stable at this release?

I'm planning on installing Linux in the next couple of weeks.  Is there a version which is 
compatible with this OS?


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