PAUP 4.0 Release date?

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Tue Jun 4 22:39:14 EST 1996

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> Hello All.
> I am wondering if anyone has any information on PAUP 4.0
> The last rumor I heard (a couple of months ago) was a June
> release, but I can't find the post or the address of
> teh distributor.
> If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.


I've never heard anything so solid as a June release date for PAUP 4.0
(aka PAUP*), only that it was expected sometime this summer.  I have it on
good authority that the software is still in pre-beta testing, so even
this might be optimistic.  

The program will be distributed by Sinauer Associates; check out their WWW
site at <> or send e-mail to
<mailto:publish at>.

Like you, I'm eagerly looking forward to its release.

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