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>>Does anyone know of a shareware program that will let you translate a
>>nucleotide sequence and have full control over the output (eg. line
>>length, how the lines are numbered etc.
>>Any help much welcome.
>>Thanks in advance!

>DNAdraw for Mac will do it I think, although I haven't used that function
>myself. Available at 

For the PC, my favorite is Esee (the eyeball seq editor!)  by Eric Cabot that 
you may get for free at in /pub/esee. It lets you define line 
lenght, interval, numbering, and export to a file that you may rework with 
Word or the like, as well.

There are several brands esee109, esee200, xesee... you have to try to find 
the one that suit's you best (for me : esee3).


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