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Martin Kroeker martin at
Sun Mar 17 08:59:37 EST 1996

9224076 at wrote:
: I'm posting this to ascertain whether anyone out there has compiled any 
: sort of list of molbio/biology software that runs under Linux (the 
: freeware unix clone for intel pc's). I've found this to be a powerful 
: operating system for numerous applications including items such as 
: Rasmol, DNAWorkBench and Raster3d. 
XtalView, WhatIf, Mage... - any generic list of unix mol/bio/chem software 
should do. At the current state of development, i would expect almost any 
molbio software for unix systems to run under linux. Perhaps a list of 
programs that _do_not_ work would be more useful, though i assume that it 
would mainly contain either hardware (e.g. SGI graphics)- specific things 
or commercial programs where the vendor does not provide either source code
or a linux binary.
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