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> I'm looking for a macro or template that will make entering bibliographic
> data into a Microsoft Word for Win95 quick and painless.  Does anyone know
> if such a file exists, if so, where I can get it.  Thanks 
> Joe 

Joe --

There are several commercial programs that can work with Word for Windows
to automate the construction of bibliographies. They have some significant
advantages over a set of macros. For example, with a bibliography program
you can maintain an on-going, personally-annotated collection of citations
for use with _all_ of the papers you write. And you can perform complex
searches of your citation collection.

Our program, PAPYRUS, has been updated to be compatible with Word for
Windows 95; some of our competitors have probably gotten to this by now,

For more information about PAPYRUS, please e-mail me, or see our website.

For some pointers to this whole category of software, you might want to
take a look at

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