DNA sequence alignment for DOS?

Stephen Mulcahy smulcahy at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Thu May 9 19:17:12 EST 1996

Erik Niermann (erikt at biogene4.uni-bielefeld.de) wrote:
: Hi out there,

: A friend of mine needs a DNA sequence alignment program.
: It has to be a DOS application. I only know SeqVu but that's a
: Mac program. Is there any free or shareware of that kind around?

: ThxIA
: 	Erik

: please email: erikt at biogene4.uni-bielefeld.de

There is a package called seqaid or seqaid2 that runs on plain old dos, I
can't remember if it does sequence alignments .. but I think it should. Try
a web search for it .. it's freeware afaik.

If you have no luck .. email me and I might be able to dig up a copy.


Stephen Mulcahy
4th Industrial Biochemistry Undergraduate
University of Limerick, Ireland

www: http://skynet.ul.ie/~stephen

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