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Wed May 15 11:25:45 EST 1996

In article <4n8bl2$kh1 at>, hrolson at (Howard R.
Olson) writes:
|>      Is there a Bioinformatics text out there suitable for
|> undergraduate teaching?
|>                              Howard Olson

You may wish to take a look at the VSNS BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook, at (NEW Mirror site !)
The level is late undergraduate / early graduate.

Please avoid retrieval during peak hours; the text is currently used
(and tested :-) by the ongoing GNA-VSNS Biocomputing Course, see (and the mirror sites; just 
follow the ``Back to VSNS BioComputing Division Home Page.'' link).

The book is almost done; the chapter on Multiple Alignment will be released 
last, in ca 1 month, and an official announcement will be made at that time.
We would appreciate bug reports sent to the chapter authors, and/or me !

best wishes,
fuellen at dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE, fuellen at MIT.EDU

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