help on uudecode

Rob Jordan rjordan at
Thu Nov 21 17:03:02 EST 1996

In article <5724ll$pka at>, rgrant at (Richard P Grant) wrote:
>} I have a msg that I need to uudecode, how can I do that? wich r the steps 
>} that I should follow?
>Very much depends on your system.
>Various flavours of unix have 
>man uudecode
>for help.
>On a Mac, you'll need UU-tool, which is freeware and available from your
>favourite info-mac/umich mirror.  On a pc - dunno.  Anyone?

It's essentially the same process as on the mac.  I recommend Wincode. 
 You should be able to find it at, or, etc.  This is assuming that the pc you're using is 
running Windows...

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