Staden for Mac/PC?

Andy Law Andy.Law at
Mon Oct 7 04:16:42 EST 1996

In article <325559BC.1D98 at>, michael.baron at wrote:

 >  This may be because many UK institutions are pressured to follow an 
 >  institute policy, set by non-users. Our own site, like many, has 
 >  to follow the official BBSRC line of using Wintel machines, despite the 
 >  privately expressed preference of some of the IT staff for the MacOS 
 >  platform. Such a policy probably originated years ago, simply on the case 
 >  that a DOS-box was cheaper than a Mac, and the people making the decision 
 >  had secretaries to use the machines (;-)). Once such policies are made, 
 >  they tend to be set in stone.

You're working at the wrong bbsrc institute Michael, my old son!

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