science software (mol biol/biochem/biology) under Linux

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Mon Oct 7 03:21:00 EST 1996

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> More stuff that runs under Linux:
> - the fasta package (sequence comparison)

Try this:

> - molscript (makes schematics of protein structures; Fortran, I had to 
>   patch it a little to make it work with f2c; contact Per Kraulis to
>   get the source).

Here is his email address:       krpx at

> - raster3d (raytraces molscript figures; a mixture of Fortran and C).
> Sorry, I don't know the sites where I got them from.
> --Cornelius.

I will add that Amber runs under Linux.  Here is the URL:

T. Chyau Liang
U Texas-houston

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