: a simple script for perl compilation.

J jhp20 at
Sat Oct 19 13:07:54 EST 1996

Software Announcement: (compile in binary format for Linux) is a simple
script which uses Malcolm's Beatie's Perl compiler (alpha version
3 is available in CPAN).

Perl is widely used in Biology and when you want to distribute
your perl codes in C compiled binary versions, you can use
Perl compiler. You can hide how badly you coded in Perl in
binary etc. 

It does the one step compilation. Perl compiler produces C source 
code and then compiles to binary(2 steps with options you have
to look up every time).

Usage: -O2 -m486

-O2 and -m486 are C compilation options which you can omit.

Usage: compile -O2 -m486

when you compiled to compile.

Malcolm's compiler is so far working perfectly for my
programs in Linux. It is a great piece of work.




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