Mulitple alignment editor

Kay Hofmann khofmann at
Tue Oct 29 07:39:52 EST 1996

Francois Jeanmougin (pingouin at wrote:

: >While this editor certainly looks nice, I understand that it can
: >save the alignments only in a strange 'mase' format and works with none
: >of the standard formats (it can read MSF, though).
: [...]
: 	You can easily integrate this editor in your environment using
: the app-default file (or your .Xdefault) with lines like:

: Seaview*save:                   clustal

: 	It is written in the help...
: 					Francois.

Thank you, in the meantime I have found it. But you have to admit that
this is buried at a strange place. If I want to know, what format a 
program can write, I normally look in the help file under 'saving options'
and not under 'setting X resources'.

Apart from that, I must say that this is a nice program, especially the
things you can do with the X-resources (redefine colour schemes etc.)
are useful. 
A few things I would put on the wishlist:
- support of '.' characters as an alternative gap symbol
- an 'undo' function
- control over the fonts used for display, not only the font size.
- putting format control into the save dialog (instead of setting it
  via Xresources)
- and maybe a small reorganization of the help file.....


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