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Mon Sep 2 01:12:39 EST 1996

burglin at wrote:
> > <andy.phillips at> wrote:
> >> o.gallay at wrote:
> >> > Does anyone out there know of a program that will draw a frame around
> >> > homologous segments of sequence in alignments, ie. like "prettybox" but
> >> > without the shading?  I've often seen this sort of frame in
> > I have been using gcg pretty outputs that I import into MS word as a
> > picture, then you can draw boxes, arrows, etc.  That way seems fairly
> > WSYWYG, unlike trying any of the other drawing programs.  It is however,
> > fairly crude. Good luck,
> then I import the sequence into Mac MacDrawPro (
> print setting set to "precise text" in preferences).
> when you use Courier 10, or Courier 12,  the

The "prettyplot" program which is a 'pretty' derivative with precisely
the graphics output that is needed. This  program  was written by 
Peter  Rice  (E-mail:  pmr at Post:   Informatics   
Division,   The Sanger  Centre,   Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, CB10 1RQ, UK)
and is part of the 'EGCG package' which is available freely to all who
run a valid GCG environment. 


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