New Australian REPTILE CDROM available.

Mark Miller 70176.1153 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 3 05:33:30 EST 1996

          NEWS RELEASE: For Immediate release


     This exciting new CD-ROM contains more than 900 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS
     of Australia's terrestrial reptiles: venomous and nonvenomous
     snakes, monitors (goannas), dragons, geckos, and other lizards. 

     It contains the full text of Wilson & Knowles out-of-print book
     with updated material.  

     Reptile species can be selected by scientific name, common name, 
     genus, or family.  Each species record contains notes on description,
     biology, conservation status, distribution, etc. 

     The CD-ROM also contains a reptile trivia quiz, a glossary of reptile
     terms, and notes on the treatment of snakebite in Australia. Fascinating
     video clips are included from many of the Australian reptile parks. 

     The CD-ROM is designed for herpetologists, schools, libraries, 
     naturalists, herp societies, and reptile enthusiasts with an MPC
     standard IBM-type multimedia computer with CD-ROM drive and sound. 
     We regret that no Macintosh version is available at this time. 

     Version II contains BOTH Vol. 1 and 2 in this series on one CD-ROM.
     (These were issued at $49 each in the past.) 
     Australia's Reptiles, Version II is available for US$49 plus $3 
     shipping ($5 outside North America) from Satronics Communications, 
     PO Box 52261, Philadelphia PA 19115-7261 USA. Check or M.O. in US$. 

     For additional information,questions or support please email:
     70176.1153 at or fax 215-464-3561 anytime.  

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