DNA programs for Windows

Przemko Tylzanowski przemko at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Sep 6 01:18:42 EST 1996

Yasuhito Abe wrote:
> Dear netters,
> I am now launching my molecular work using a newly introduced
> Windows machine.   Could somebody introduce me useful
> shareware sites for DNA analysis, such as alignment and
> primer design, using Windows(95)?  Thank you for your cooperation.

isn't it funny that periodically someone asks, BEGS, for decent
share/freeware programs for windows. Programs that would:
- draw simple plasmid maps
- helps in drawing restriction maps from restriction data (gels)
- allows some other, simple data manipulation, such as editing of
sequences, saving them in a few commonly used formats (why the hell
there are so many of them beats me...) etc.

Now, there are a few programs available but:
- anything for plasmid drawing, restriction map making is $$$$$$
- the is NO PROGRAM (as far as my net searches go)for Win95 that would
take data from single and multiple restriction digests and assemble it
into a restriction map. The only program that I know of that would do
that is included into IG Suite package (Sun or VAX?). And another
program that goes in that direction is DoubleDigester (forgot the
author- sorry) but even that will do only two enzymes.
- there is Sequp but that very efficiently crashes my machine (Pentium
100, 1Gb hard drive, 32Mb RAM). There was an old version of that program
for DOS, alas, DOS is dead...

So, it seems that if I would have bought a Mac then I could have all I
want. Is it so difficult to write something for Win95, or simply the
educational strategy of Apple caused that once hooked to it in college
dorm, one just stays with it...


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