C++ class library (NMR matrix conversions)...

Anders Bergkvist anders at BCBP.GU.SE
Fri Sep 6 08:16:18 EST 1996

Hi netters!

I am a PhD student in biophysics with the main interest in structure 
determination with NMR. Recently I've had some desire to make my own 
computer programs for manipulation of NMR spectrum matrices. Is there 
anyone who has a C++ class library for i/o from/to different matrix 
formats (e.g. Varian, Bruker, Felix, etc...)? Other information about 
matrix format would also be useful for me or other computer language 
codes, like fortran, etc, for this purpose.

Anders Bergkvist
Dept. of biochemistry and biophysics
Göteborgs University

anders at bcbp.gu.se

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