DNA programs for Windows

Jean-Baptiste Briaud (Stagiaire) briaud at cli29aa.der.edf.fr
Fri Sep 6 07:46:50 EST 1996

: Yasuhito Abe wrote:
: > I am now launching my molecular work using a newly introduced
: > Windows machine.   Could somebody introduce me useful
: > shareware sites for DNA analysis, such as alignment and
: > primer design, using Windows(95)?  Thank you for your cooperation.
: snip...
: isn't it funny that periodically someone asks, BEGS, for decent
: share/freeware programs for windows. Programs that would:
: Przemko

I'm afraid it is due to the lack of software engeneer able
to anderstand and programm biological problems.

Is biologist ready to begin a software developpement like
an industrial projet ? With software toolcase ?

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