Announcing Image version 3

Darren Platt daz at
Fri Sep 6 05:03:51 EST 1996

We would like to announce "Image 3.2", a package of analysis algorithms
for processing gel images from restriction digest fingerprinting
experiments that have been tightly integrated with a friendly user
interface to provide a robust tool for large scale physical mapping.

Image 3.2 is able to process gels from a wide variety of scanning
technologies and has been tested on various fingerprinting protocols,
producing normalized bands and normalized gel images  as output.  The
output is compatible with previous releases of Image, and is designed
to work in conjunction with the mapping packages FPC or ContigC.

Binaries for SunOS, Solaris, OSF/1, and Irix are currently available.

Further details are available from:

This site includes facilities for downloading the software, reporting
problems, and extensive documentation including a complete tutorial.

Darren Platt
daz at

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