FASTA version 3.0t7 with full PVM support available

William R. Pearson wrp at
Sat Sep 7 11:09:15 EST 1996

Updated versions of FASTA3.0 (fasta30t7) and FASTA2.0 (fasta20u6) have
been placed on  These versions fix another
subtle problem with tfastx and fastx.

In addition, fasta30t7 now contains a full-function pvm version.  PVM
(Parallel Virtual Machine) is a parallel progamming environment that
makes it very easy to use networks of unix workstations to compute in

pvcompfa and pvcompsw have been available for some time to do library
vs library sequence comparisons providing scores only, but the current
version also provides sequence alignments (and histograms).  It uses
exactly the same comparison code and statitiscal calculations as the
fasta3(_t) versions.  Thus, pvcompfa and pvcompsw are very well suited
for performing very large scale sequence comparisons on networks of unix

Bill Pearson

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