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Inyup Park ipark at
Mon Sep 9 09:29:51 EST 1996

Hello bio.netters,

I am currently using a Waters HPLC 486 system and "PC 800 Integrator," the bundled data 
acquisition program.  "800" is a 2-channel, mouse-driven, and dos-based chromatography 
data system.  The program starts up the process run immediately when the sample is 
injected (a Rheodyne injector).

I have no problems with this program -- except for its time-limit.  It automatically 
ends the data acquisition run at 125min.  For my experiments, I need to use a very 
slow gradient which takes about 3 hours to complete.  

So, I was wondering if there are any shareware or freeware programs out there that I
can use.

- Doesnt't have to be fancy, but should be painless to use. :)
- I don't need it to read two-channels -- one would do.
- I would preferably have it scrollable. (not a must)
- High-resolution of the graphic output (monitor) is desired.

Well, I am crossing my fingers...

InYup Park
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
U Penn '95

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