DNA programs for Windows

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Sun Sep 8 22:41:40 EST 1996

Przemko Tylzanowski (przemko at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be) wrote:
: Yasuhito Abe wrote:
: > 
: > Dear netters,
: > I am now launching my molecular work using a newly introduced
: > Windows machine.   Could somebody introduce me useful
: > shareware sites for DNA analysis, such as alignment and
: > primer design, using Windows(95)?  Thank you for your cooperation.
: snip...

: isn't it funny that periodically someone asks, BEGS, for decent
: share/freeware programs for windows. Programs that would:
: - draw simple plasmid maps
: - helps in drawing restriction maps from restriction data (gels)
: - allows some other, simple data manipulation, such as editing of
: sequences, saving them in a few commonly used formats (why the hell
: there are so many of them beats me...) etc.
: So, it seems that if I would have bought a Mac then I could have all I
: want. Is it so difficult to write something for Win95, or simply the
: educational strategy of Apple caused that once hooked to it in college
: dorm, one just stays with it...

It's still taking a little bit of time for Win95 to get the
market penetration that MicroSoft would like. The fact is that Win95 is a
real improvement on Windows3.1, not least from the point of pre-emptive
multitasking, which does make it a candidate system on which to do
background bioprocessing; try running Clustalw on a PowerMac and you'll
watch the whole machine lockup till the calculation is completed. The
other consideration is that Macs *do* play a large role in many
universities biocomputing work, and there are a lot of good public and
commercial programs available for it. Seems nowadays like many programmers
with a biochemistry background are trying to edge in on the commercial
market, and I would suggest to you that in a year or so, there are going
to be quite a few Win95-specific programs, commercial and free,  applied
to molecular biology problems like mapping (remember, the next build of
Win95 will have a Java run-time built in, which opens up the
possibility for useful software tremendously).

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