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Thomas Sicheritz thomas at evolution.bmc.uu.se
Fri Sep 6 16:39:01 EST 1996

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Przemko Tylzanowski wrote:

> Yasuhito Abe wrote:
> > 
> > Dear netters,
> > I am now launching my molecular work using a newly introduced
> > Windows machine.   Could somebody introduce me useful
> > shareware sites for DNA analysis, such as alignment and
> > primer design, using Windows(95)?  Thank you for your cooperation.
> snip...
> isn't it funny that periodically someone asks, BEGS, for decent
> share/freeware programs for windows. Programs that would:
> - draw simple plasmid maps
> - helps in drawing restriction maps from restriction data (gels)
> - allows some other, simple data manipulation, such as editing of
> sequences, saving them in a few commonly used formats (why the hell
> there are so many of them beats me...) etc.
> Now, there are a few programs available but:
> - anything for plasmid drawing, restriction map making is $$$$$$
> - the is NO PROGRAM (as far as my net searches go)for Win95 that would
> take data from single and multiple restriction digests and assemble it
> into a restriction map. The only program that I know of that would do
> that is included into IG Suite package (Sun or VAX?). And another
> program that goes in that direction is DoubleDigester (forgot the
> author- sorry) but even that will do only two enzymes.
> - there is Sequp but that very efficiently crashes my machine (Pentium
> 100, 1Gb hard drive, 32Mb RAM). There was an old version of that program
> for DOS, alas, DOS is dead...
> So, it seems that if I would have bought a Mac then I could have all I
> want. Is it so difficult to write something for Win95, or simply the
> educational strategy of Apple caused that once hooked to it in college
> dorm, one just stays with it...
> Przemko

Just Install Linux (a free Unix clone for the PC), and you can run ALL
the big DNA programs (and the small too)
I am running on my PC: Linux and Win95.
I use following programs:
clustalw (alignment)
readseq (conversion of sequence files)
phylip (phylogenetic analysis)
(GDE (Genetic data enviroment))
ACeDB c.elegans (Genome database)
xbbtools (visual sequence analysis)
seaview (visual alignment editor)
phylo_win (visual phylogenetic analysis)
blast ( database search)
fasta ( -"-)
and some 100 more ...

If you want to get acces to the major part of free available biology
programs ... Install Linux (its a operative system)
more info about Linux at  http://www.linux.org/

If you have questions mail me
thomas at evolution.bmc.uu.se

c ya

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