New gene discovery page

Emmanuel Skoufos skoufs at
Mon Sep 9 13:31:40 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

This is to announce the availability of a new gene discovery page.  The 
principal site is at:


For your convenience there is a European mirror site at:


The purpose of this page is to serve as a "desktop" area, primarily for 
the bench scientist with little biocomputing background.  It organizes 
existing search engines in a coherent, stepwise fashion providing one of 
the many strategies that may lead to gene discovery.  Questions that this 
page helps to answer are of the type: "Does a particular sequence of DNA 
code for proteins and what may their function be?" or "Is there a protein 
in organism A homologous to protein X of organism B?"

Please take a moment and visit this site (you will need a forms-capable 
browser).  Your feedback is more than welcome.  


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