HP 8450

Dr. P.L. Taylor ptaylor at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 10 04:19:36 EST 1996

>I'm using a Hewlett Packard 8450A, an old diode array spectrophotometer
>which is controlled by an internal Hewlett packard computer. The machine
>is still working fine, but analyzing my data is a drag since I am not able
>to get the data from the HP computer to a dos or macintosh computer.  I
>was wondering whether anybody has a simple data aquisition program that
>hooks up a dos computer to the HP 8450A through the RS323 port.
>Controlling the machine this way is not necessary. Just data aquisition or
>export of stored data from the HP computer to a dos computer would be

Assuming that that should have read RS232, any old terminal software will
do.  On the Mac, Kermit, Terminal, Microphone & Red Ryder come to mind.  I
don't know about DOS, but I'm sure there must be dozens.  The difficult
part is making up a lead for the physical connection.  If you want to
do this on a mac, mail me for more info.

>please e-mail me directly: cor at codon.nih.gov
>thanks, Cor

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