Lab View Virtual Bench opinions?

Ph. Lebrun plebrun at
Tue Sep 10 08:06:36 EST 1996

In article <32301392.633B at>,
	barkalow at MBOX.STETSON.EDU (Derek Barkalow) writes:
>Would appreciate assistance in finding users of this software in the
>undergraduate lab setting.  We are setting up a new neurobiology lab and
>wonder about the ease of use of Virtual Bench for undergrads?  Our
>primary goal is to use this SW to replace traditional oscilloscopes.
>Are other software data acquisition and processing systems available
>with particular applicability to neurobiology?

I found LabView easy to use and was able to get applications for recording
EMG and the Hoffman reflex up and running quite quickly. Our 2d year
students were quite happy working with a computer and required only a 
minimum of instructions.

If anyone is interested, they can have the VIs.


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