pop. genetics programs for microsatellites?

Cathy Mossman cmossman at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Wed Sep 11 15:42:40 EST 1996

	I'm searching for a population genetics program that can calculate allelic
frequencies, Fst's (or Slatkin's Rst's) and other general pop. genetics
calculations for microsatellite DNA.  I'm aware that many people are still
using Biosys-1 (Swofford and Selander, 1981), but this earlier version has
some limitations when used for microsatellites.  Also, it doesn't have a
calculation for the corrected Fst (e.g. Slatkin's Rst) that takes into
account assumptions critical to microsatellite DNA.  
	If there is an updated Biosys version or other programs that anyone has
used for microsatellite data, I would appreciate any help in obtaining a
cop.  Thanks in advance!  Cathy Mossman

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