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Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Fri Sep 13 12:39:06 EST 1996

rtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu (Richard B. Taylor   ) wrote:

>Can anyone refer me to software that will let me do various tasks
>on a DNA sequence such as identify restriction sites, find good
>primers for sequencing or pcr, identify ORF's and translate the
>reading frames, and do some multiple alignment?  I have seen a
>program called GeneRunner, and I have heard about one called Oligo.
>It needs to run on Windows 3.1.  I am asking for a friend who is setting
>up a system.  I would like to know if you have used and like the
>program, what the source and price are, and if support has been good.

>Thanks for your help,



I have used for some time now program called CLONE: it can identify RE
sites, ORFs, cut, ligate etc. It has a companion ENHANCE, which gives
you a decent number of ways to present your cloning stratagy, etc, and
yet another companion, PRIMER, which helps in primer design and is
rather flexible. All this package is distributed (maybe even written)
by Scientific and Educational Software. Last time I saw their
catalogue it was about $400 (clone) $300(enhance) and $200(primer). If
you are interested I will send you their phone#.

Usual disclaimers ;-): I have nothing to do with them but use their



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