Help - looking for a slideshow presentation program

KB kbeler at
Fri Sep 13 10:23:12 EST 1996

I am looking for a DOS based program that will initiate a slide
show of graphic files that have been pre-selected for it.  If it can 
play .wav files through a PC speaker that would be great.

Basically I am preparing a presentation for a university class
I need to be able to have the autoexec file start a program as soon as

the computer is turned on and for that program to initiate a slide
show of graphic files (.gif or .jpg) that I have pre-programed into 
the program.  I need to be able to control how long the pictures will 
be displayed for until the next one is displayed.

The program should work well with a VGA system and a SVGA system.

I do not know if this is possible but if there is a option to play
.wav files through the PC speaker that would be great as well.

Another option is a Windows 3.1 program that will automatically come 
on as soon as windows is loaded and will do the same thing as above.

For this presentation I basically need a set-up where someone comes
along and powers up the copmuter and then this slideshow of graphic
files will start on its own.

Any suggestions or comments.  Anyone have a program that they can
me (mime please) or direct to where I can download it.

Any help is appreciated!

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