Molecular Modeling programs on different platforms - table correct?

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Mon Sep 16 09:22:19 EST 1996

T. Chyau Liang <tliang at> said:
> I think VMD source (maybe others, too) is also available; hence it should
> be possible to compile it under Linux.

  Thanks for mentioning our software!

  I'm currently the primarary developer of VMD.  VMD has not yet been
ported to Linux, though it should be ready Any Time Now.  The difficulties
have been 1) gcc didn't support C++ templates "correctly" until the current
version (2.7.3, I believe, and even then they are still somewhat non-
standard), and 2) problems with out not understanding how to have X and
Mesa/OpenGL interact.  Because the source is free, we have had others actually
do the port, and I'm hoping to get their code merged in to ours.  Stay tuned!

  In addition, we have compiled on HP and AIX machines, so long as they have 
GL, ie, running Portable Graphics NPGL and IBM's GL version, respectively.

						Andrew Dalke
						dalke at

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