Grasp and Irix 6.2

Gilles Truan truan at
Mon Sep 16 15:13:56 EST 1996

Jimmy H. Collins wrote:
> Does anyone have experience trying Grasp on an Indigo2 with High Impact
> graphics, especially on an R10000?  I would like to run it on an R10000
> under Irix 6.2, but could run it on an R4400 under 5.3 if necessary.
> Thanks
	Well, it looks like it is very difficult.I tried to use the binary as
well as recompile it and in iether case it does not work. Apparently,
there is no way to make it work under 6.xx. Anyway, I am not a computer
specialist, so it is just my experience. I tried to contact the author
at that time with no success. But that what a year ago, so it might be
worth to do it again. Anyway, it runs great under Irix 5.xx...
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