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We've finally finished the second pass at our Packaging and
Manufacturing Resource page.  Come check out Sarbrook's site and see
all of the exciting links to places of interest to people in
manufacturing at   If you don't see your
company listed, just click on Add URL and we'll add a link to you for

By the way,  what is the state of your manufacturing document control
system?  You don't have one?  Are you still doing them in a word
processor?  There is a better way.

The Sarbrook Co., Inc. provides turn key solutions to managing
Packaging or Manufacturing specifications.  Sarbrook will spend time
with your staff to determine the types of information that need to be
managed. Then Sarbrook will custom configure our WinSPEX product to
exactly meet your business needs. We will then install it at your site
and train your people. 

 WinSPEX is a manufacturing information control system designed to
manage packaging specifications, bills of material, raw material
specs, standard operating procedures, label artwork, CAD drawings and
several other document types. The system runs on a network so authors,
engineers, approvers and general users can have access to
specifications and all of their associated documents. There is
electronic approval & routing and history. The data is kept in
industry standard databases (Paradox, Oracle or Sybase) so third party
tools (such as Crystal Reports) can be used to access the data. The
product is ideal for manufactures that have a diverse product line and
a need to track large amounts of product information. Industries that
use WinSPEX are: Pharmaceuticals, Food Companies, Automotive,
Chemical, Cosmetics and Consumer goods. 

For more information, call 1-800-875-5105 or go to our site directly
at to see a detailed description (with lots of
screen capture examples) of our product line.

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