Molecular Modeling programs on different platforms - table correct?

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Mon Sep 16 15:59:28 EST 1996

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Gustavo Glusman <bmgustav at> writes:

> >Periodically I check the status of various molecular modeling/molecular
> >display/related programs with respect to portability.  This is my latest
> >table - if anybody sees any errors or wants to add something, please chime
> >in. 
> >
> >Listed alphabetically 
> >
> >             MIPS      ---DEC Alpha----         Intel
> >What         SGI       DU            WNT      Windows   GraphicsType
> The main error I see here is that the Macintosh OS is not being listed.
> I am not an expert in the modelling field, so I cannot give accurate
> info, but I can say that there are various Macintosh-only programs for
> modelling, some of which are fairly impressive - and that there's always
> MacX for those Unix-based modelling programs that work via XWindows.

Macs yes (and eXodus). Also I would be interested in the inclusion of
Sun computers. Anyone?

73, Peter

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