DeltaGraph problems with Windows

Jim Valentine jvalenti at
Mon Sep 16 13:30:16 EST 1996

We've been using DeltaGraph Pro 3.54 for Windows and have 
encountered some problems.  

1) With Windows 3.1, we can't rotate the y axis label so 
that it is aligned parallel to the axis - the rotated label 
is there, we can pick it but it doesn't show on the monitor 
or printer.  This problem disappears with Windows 95, but 
it would be nice to be able to use DeltaGraph with either 

2) When I make a simple xy plot (six paired sets of data)
with a legend and some additional text, the exported eps 
file appears to be invalid.  I can't import it into 
FrameMaker 5, our postscript printer won't print it, and a 
postscript interpreter doesn't understand it.  The eps file
appears to contain control characters.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Any solutions?

Jim      jvalenti at

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