Molecular Modeling programs on different platforms - table correct?

Justin Clancy justin at
Wed Sep 18 04:44:33 EST 1996

Martin Kroeker wrote:
> mathog at wrote:
> : Periodically I check the status of various molecular modeling/molecular
> : display/related programs with respect to portability.  This is my latest
> :              MIPS      ---DEC Alpha----         Intel
> : What         SGI       DU            WNT      Windows   GraphicsType
> : Kind of amazing to me that more of these have not been ported to other
> : platforms, for instance Alpha/Linux or WNT.  Looks like the only really
> Kind of amazing to me that you do not have intel-based Linux in your table.
> This would have "yes" entries at least for Molden, MolMol, RasMol,XtalView and
> WhatIf. Basically, anything that is available as source and does not require
> SGI's gl should be available for this platform. BTW, depending on your
> definition of 'molecular modeling', you might also add a few lines for
> the more number-crunching related packages like MOPAC, GAMESS or the various
> force fields. A Pentium166 or PentiumPro is not that bad for modeling.
> Martin
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> The <a href="">PIMM force field</a>

Hey!  I didn't know that WhatIf was available for Linux.  I couldn't agree more about the use of
Linux for modelling - We use it on high-end PC's because of the great cost/power ratio.  Even
GAMESS doesn't take too long when you use a Pentium and *lots* (128M) of RAM.

While I'm here, could anyone suggest a cheap (dare I say it - free?) package which would allow me
to input structures graphically?  At present I edit the PDB files by hand - it's a real pain I can
tell you!  I can't justify buying in a commercial package because this isn't really what we do; I
have personal reasons for usurping the company's resources.


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