Wanted: Non-linear Reg. w/Excel

Dirk Bornemeier bornemd at aa.wl.com
Wed Sep 18 15:53:56 EST 1996

In the distant past (when I used to read this group fairly regularly) I
remember some postings describing ways that Excel could be used to do
non-linear regression (using Solver).  I didn't need that then, but now
that I do I can't find anything about it from web searches, Microsoft,
Baarns, etc..  Help ... 

I don't need someone to tell me this _can_ be done in theory - I know it
can - I'm hoping to find someone who has alerady done this and is willing
to 'give it away'.

Thanks for reading this far :-).

Replies by e-mail requested.

Dirk Bornemeier
bornemd at aa.wl.com

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