Restriction enzyme map for WIN95

Greg jquinn at
Wed Sep 18 23:33:27 EST 1996

Ashok Aiyar (aiyar at wrote:
: On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 14:20:08 -0400, Martin Simard <msimard at> wrote:
: >I search a program to produce restriction map from a sequence like DNA
: >stryer on Mac.

: There are several programs out there, but I use DNA Strider on my
: PC under the Mac emulator Executor.  This lets me share files without
: the effort of format conversion with colleagues who prefer to use 
: Macs .... plus I like the elegant simplicity of DNA Strider.

I agree, DNA strider is fairly simple, but very useful and functional.
Also worth mentioning is Don Gilbert's SeqPup program, available in a 32
bit version for win95, and I must say that I found the built-in
restriction mapping in this program to be excellent.

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