ASCII text from Mac to PC

Michael W. Thompson mthom0 at
Mon Sep 23 14:22:08 EST 1996

Yobodich wrote:
> Help!
> I have to convert some MAC writenow files into some ascii files
> for PC.
> Is someone can help me? Please, it's a rush!
> Thanks!
> Yobodich
> tmaheu at

Try highlighting the entire text area, then choose "edit" and "copy". 
Now open up Word 5 or 6 or simpletext (any basic word processor) and
position the cursor in the document field.  Choose "edit" and "paste". 
All the text is now in the new program.  Choose "save as" and there will
be an option (I know there is on word 5 and 6) to save the new document
as an ASCII text file.  Once you put these on a PC disk they are
readable by a PC.  If you have an older mac which will not read/write PC
disks, send the message to yourself via email and download it on the
PC.  I've done this many times :)

Michael Thompson
University of Kentucky
Department of Biochemistry
Lexington, KY 40536-0084

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