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> All the text is now in the new program.  Choose "save as" and there will
> be an option (I know there is on word 5 and 6) to save the new document
> as an ASCII text file.  Once you put these on a PC disk they are
> readable by a PC.  If you have an older mac which will not read/write PC
> disks, send the message to yourself via email and download it on the
> PC.  I've done this many times :)

One thing you have to watch for if you just put the file onto a
DOS-formatted disk in your Mac is that the MacOS and DOS/Windows use a
different set of characters to indicate the end of a line. (Using e-mail
to transfer the text will usually get around this problem, depending on
the details of how you do it.)

If you do find yourself with a text file that looks funny when you examine
it on your PC (all the lines or paragraphs run together), then you need to
change the line endings. One way is to do a search and replace in a word
processor, though that can sometimes be a little tricky. Another way is to
use a little utility program that our company whipped up for our

To download this utility program, go to our Web site, click on the link to
our ftp site, and download MACCVT.EXE. This is a simple DOS program that
will convert the line-endings in your file from MacOS style to DOS style.

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