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Michael Kertesz kertesz at micro.biol.ethz.ch
Wed Sep 25 02:15:35 EST 1996

Hi all,
We have a middle-aged Pharmacia HPLC system which still works quite well, 
but which unfortunately has "dark age" software running it. I would 
dearly love to replace the software with something a little more modern. 
i.e. Windows-based, with the ability to work up one HPLC run while 
another is still going, and NOT have to print out all the peaks to get at 
the one you want. Yes, Pharmacia has just launched their "wonderful" new 
HPLC system - No, it's not compatible with their older machines (that 
wold be too logical, wouldn't it!) Does anyone know of a company that 
produces flexible, modern software which will drive Pharmacia devices (if 
possible also a diode array detector, but that may be pushing my luck)? 
Data transfer from the detectors is via RS-232.

thanks a lot - I hope someone has some ideas....!


Michael Kertesz

CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland

tel: +41-1-632 3357
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