Announcing ConsInspector 3.0 for MAC

Kornelie Frech frech at
Tue Sep 24 09:43:56 EST 1996

Announcing ConsInspector 3.0 for MAC

ConsInspector is a program to scan nucleic acid sequences for matches to
precompiled library of transcription factor binding sites. The program
carries out an extensive examination of binding site candidates: the
sequence is compared with randomly shuffled versions and sequence
surrounding the conserved binding site are included into the analysis.

ConsInspector 3.0 is now available for MACs in addition to UNIX, VAX/VMS
and DOS. 
Release 3.0 includes a considerably extended library of binding site
descriptions (consensus profiles). The library encompasses now 37
consensus profiles of the following groups:
- prokaryotes (2 profiles)
- vertebrates (16 profiles)
- viruses (10 profiles)
- yeast (9 profiles)
Most consensus profiles of the original library have been improved by
inclusion of additional sequences.

ConsInspector 3.0 is available at         (UNIX version)          (VAX/VMS version)          (DOS version)              (MAC version)


Kornelie Frech
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