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Wed Sep 25 11:06:29 EST 1996

crawford at wrote:
> Colleagues,
>         Hi! I am looking for a software package to aid my students
> in Bio 101 in learning BASIC biology. Any suggestions? Oh, they would
> like Windows95 compatible.
>         Thanks!
>         Gene Crawford
>         <crawford at>
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If you are interested in nomenclature, biogeography, collections, take a
look at FLORIN (  It is an information
system supporting _basic_  botanical information in all areas mentioned
(zoological data can be handled, as well).  In particular, the system
supports rules of the Code of Nomenclature, collection management
procedures, etc.  So, students can use it while learning taxonomy,
maintaining educational collections, and so on.

Please, feel free to contact me via email for any further questions.

Sincerely yours

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