Software for viewing automated sequencer files on a PC?

Marc A. Goldstein magoldst at
Thu Sep 26 19:04:05 EST 1996

Dr. Clark,

	Both Sequencher and the DNAStar product will read ALF files 
generated by either the ALF or ALFexpress sequencers. 

	Hope this helps,


	Marc Goldstein, Ph.D.
	Applications Specialist
	Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.

In article <mTPoyEAckrRyEwNl at>, 
duncan at says...
> Hi folks,
> Can anyone tell me what is available in the way of preferably PC
> software to view ABI, LICOR and ALF sequence traces if someone sends me
> an appropriate file.
> It doesn't have to be PC software , I can always install LINUX or OS2 if
> necessary. Public domain, shareware or commercial.
> many thansk
> Duncan 
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