ASCII text from Mac to PC

D. KIM dkim at
Thu Sep 26 15:23:44 EST 1996

In article <3246E35F.69FB at> "Michael W. Thompson" <mthom0 at> writes:
>Yobodich wrote:
>> Help!
>> I have to convert some MAC writenow files into some ascii files
>> for PC.

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You might consider using the shareware program Mac-Ette.  this program 
allows your IBM PC compatible to format, read, and write to a MAC diskette.

So, convert your file to text (try Save As and change the format to text, 
or cut/paste into TeachText or Simpletext, as was suggested previously), 
then save to a diskette and use Macette to do the transfer.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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